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Udupi: ‘He who Calls UPCL Opponents Anti-social is Himself So’ – Pejavar

Udupi: The UPCL plant has been playing havoc with the people and the environment. Minister Dr Acharya has termed those agitating against the hazards created by the plant anti-social. It is he in fact is anti-social, said Shri Vishwesha Tirtha Swamiji of Pejavar Math said here on Nov 1.

Addressing a media meet, he said that the experts’ committee appointed by the government had not yet submitted its report. Owing to unforeseen reasons, the public interactive meeting on the subject has also been delayed.

“It is our intention that the meeting should be held early.¬† Under our pressure, two experts, Y G Ramakrishna, chairman, State Biofuel Task Force and T V Ramachandra, professor at Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore had been included in the experts’ committee and they had been asked to submit a report before Oct 2, but the report has not been submitted,” he said.

He further said he had urged the chief minister that unless and until the report is received, the clearance for the second unit should not be given and the CM has responded with a positive assurance.

However, he said, the minister from this region  has been saying that the company would install state-of-the-art technology to ensure that there would be no harm to the environment.

On the other hand, the affected people have been complaining to us about the hazardous effect every day. In case the experts’ committee would give an adverse report, it would be better to shut down the power plant.

When the Swamiji’s attention was drawn to Dr Acharya’s recent statement calling anti-UPCL agitators anti-social, he said that when an elected representative speaks in defence of the company in spite of the damage to the environment , he should be called anti-national.

His attention was drawn to union minister Veerappa Moily’s statement that he (Pejavar Swamiji) should confine himself to religion and should not dabble in other public matters. The Swamiji retorted by saying that Moily being a politician should not have dabbled in literature, instead of confining himself to politics.

He stated that patriotism, dedication to the nation and concern for the public issues were as much important to him as religious matters. “When public interest is affected, it is out duty to respond positively. I am prepared for a discussion in public, to which I invite Moily also to be present.”

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